A New View of Critical Race Theory, part 1

Let’s talk about a hot topic in the news today, Critical Race Theory. I am witnessing this phrase being tossed around by the right and left. The phrase is driving the media to divide the nation. I would like to break it down from my educator point of view but, first I will give a very brief introduction of CRT. Critical Race Theory was officially organized in 1989, but dates back to the 1960’s and 1970’s. It has basic tenets that examine how the law and legal system is set up to benefit the wealthy and powerful, according to Britannica. You can read more by visiting the website. Now, let me state my blog is strictly my point of view relating to Critical Race Theory and is no reflection upon any others. My view begins with the definition of each of the three words that make up Critical Race Theory.

A definition of the word critical states involving skillful judgment as to truth, merit, and etc. Example: to take a critical analysis. Critical can also mean to find fault or to judge with severity.

Race by definition as it refers to people states a grouping of humans with shared inherited physical or social qualities. Race is White, Black, Native Americans, Jews, Europeans and the list continues.

Theory by one definition is a particular conception or view of something to be done or the method of doing it; a system of rules or principles.

When I put the three definitions together I interpret Critical Race Theory to mean taking a critical (deep) look at how race has shaped our country and how the perception of different races has been perpetrated or ignored. CRT is not one race is superior over another. CRT is not to be used to brow beat another race different from your own. CRT should not be used to heap guilt or shame upon any particular race. Critical Race Theory should be used to examine beliefs and systems set in place that need to be examined. Understanding CRT begins with the teaching of history and I mean the true version of history. This will include the good, bad, and ugly. We should also begin teaching history/social studies at a young age beginning in kindergarten. Teach at their level of understanding. I am still shocked when I see young children dressed as pilgrims and Indians at Thanksgiving. I will save that for part two or three.

I welcome thoughts, comments and open to dialogue. This is part one of three…more to follow.

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Until next time…..Dandelion Dreams