Distance Learning…thanks COVID-19

Let me begin with COVID-19 stinks. I can think of many other words to use but this is a family friendly blog..😊. There are obvious reasons why this virus is horrible.. sickness, financial ruin, loneliness for many due to stay at home orders, in person school cancelled and death. I do not want to minimize how many are suffering due to this virus. My heart hurts for all.

As a teacher, the cancelling of in person learning has thrown me into a funk. There really isn’t a word to describe how I feel except I’m living in a funk. You see I am a hands on teacher. I love to hug, high five, pat on the back, tap on the head and cheer my students. I love smiling and greeting each child by name in the morning. I love saying “I love you” as they leave each day. I love seeing their smiles as they walk in the door. I also love when I have to discipline them for a poor choice because it says I love you enough to help you become the best version of you. I am not only hands on, but lean towards the creative artsy side like drawing, building, doodling, stickers and writing with old fashion paper, crayons, colored pencils, and markers.

I do not love distance learning. Technology has never been my friend, lol! Technology and I have a love hate relationship, just ask my students. Technology loves to freeze as soon as I pull up a website or video or it decides to update, ugh! I think it knows how I feel. But, I miss my kids! I want to see their faces and hear their voices. I want to hear their never ending stories about their dog, cat, or sporting event. Also, hear about their sibling wars, parents fussing, and how mom got a speeding ticket. Hahaha! I miss my kids! I miss seeing the “aha” look when they master a skill. I miss when they applaud their friends for a great answer. I miss seeing them comfort and encourage each other. I miss the letters and pictures they leave for me on my desk. I miss our little family and sense of community. COVID-19 stinks!

Reading is by far my favorite relaxing activity. On Sunday, I was reading Relentless by Hamish Brewer and he writes about living every day with passion and purpose. Outside of my personal family, teaching is my passion and purpose. It was my wake up call to get my head out of the sand, shake off this funk, and embrace technology during this time. Technology will give me the opportunity to see and hear my kids. Also, allow them to see and hear me. So kiddos here we go off on an adventure together…I love you!

Until next time…Dandelion Dream

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